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20 August 2010 @ 05:18 am
With Love Languishing (NC-17, Sam/Jack)  
Title: With Love Languishing
Author: mesmerising
Artist: calcitrix
Fanmixer: openended
Genre: Romance, drama
Rating: NC-17 (Adult)
Word Count: 30,884
Characters: Sam, Jack, Teal'c; post-S8
Pairings: Sam/Jack
Warnings: Graphic sex, dub/non-con, language

Summary: With the Goa’uld defeated and their shuffle of command, Samantha Carter and Jack O’Neill finally allow themselves a week-long retreat to his cabin where they forget about the world around them. But when they face the reality of their tangled lives, the hope of a new beginning flickers, then fades. Years later, they unexpectedly meet again under different circumstances, and find themselves drawn into something both novel and familiar. Will Sam and Jack cling onto the conflicting ideals that have set them apart for so long, or will they finally embrace their differences--and each other?

Notes: Written for stargate_summer.

I'm filled with so much gratitude for countless amazing people, without whom this project would be a sludge-pile of nonsensical, half-formed ideas. In particular, I'd like to thank:

> 666_blessings for his super typo-zapping skills, his invaluable help with the massive tense change, and for always putting up with my fandom ramblings.
> calcitrix for not only claiming this story, but for creating three breathtaking pieces of artwork. I am so utterly stoked by how you have brought my story to life.
> goose197 for being an amazing cheerleader, whose constant emails and support really kept me on track. :D
> openended for going above and beyond her fanmixer duties and becoming a beta, capslock!panic punching bag, fellow admirer of semicolons, and friend--you are seriously amazing!
> All the supportive and highly tolerant folk who follow my Twitter and were spammed by my flailing during the epic crazy week of editing culminating in that all-nighter (one of whom has kindly edited this post to put in this note)--you all know who you are!

And of course, my thanks to all the wonderful Sam/Jack shippers out there--this is for you. ♥

Part One: Chapter 1 / Chapter 2
Part Two: Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5

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Artwork by calcitrix
Fanmix by openended
Swedish for "Smith": SG1 SamJack1colls on September 6th, 2010 08:28 pm (UTC)
So I finally exported this to my nook to take with me on vacation - I promise to remember to comment once I've read it. I'm actually looking forward to reading Sam/Jack (see what you do to me) :D
Samantha: Stargate - S/J - boom!mesmerising on September 8th, 2010 03:32 pm (UTC)
(Oh nononononono, I hope you haven't exported all of it, cause I'm still sneakily adding final final edits--oh maaaan, all the typos!!--and have just finished Chapter 4...*is so embarrassed that those mistakes may be immortalised in your nookie T__T*)

But aren't I a wonderful influence? :D