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27 March 2011 @ 10:39 am
A Way To Die (R, Castle/Beckett)  
Title: A Way To Die
Fandom: Castle
Pairing: Castle/Beckett
Genre: Romance, Drama
Rating: R
Word Count: ~1,600
Completed on: 27 March 2011
Summary: When Castle and Beckett are locked together in the freezer, they find comfort in each other. Set during 3x17, "Countdown".
Author's Notes: Written for mariella1983, as part of the castleland "Heart of Gold" challenge.

They are going to die, and Richard Castle is powerless to re-write the ending. Perhaps a few hours ago, the pen would still be in his hands and he could have changed things, could have prevented this from happening, but fuelled by adrenaline and a perverse need to monopolise Beckett, he had blindly led them to their deaths. And not just their deaths—the plural pronoun now encompasses more than just two, but millions, the lawyers and housewives and preschoolers and junkies; the dirty bomb does not discriminate.

Nor do temperature and time, the two constants now dictating the remainder of their lives. And this ‘their’ is more personal, more immediate, the two bodies sitting close enough but not touching, slowly losing the heat that drives life.

He closes his eyes, listening to their combined breathing, soft and even. It had initially been frantic and irregular, punctuated by prayers masked as curses as he tried to calm her and she flung away his attempts. Rick can pinpoint the exact moment her breathing had slipped into a quiet imitation of her usual fire, because it had sounded like defeat. Now, through the steady inhaling and exhaling, Rick searches for words, of comfort, of resignation—anything to confirm their current existence.

She beats him to it.

“You must have regrets.”

His eyes flutter open. Her tone is neither curious nor apologetic, but simply Beckett.

“Nobel prize,” he says. “Always wanted to have that on my Wiki page.”

“Shouldn’t you aim for something more within your reach? Get a Pulitzer under your belt?”

He exhales just enough for a scoff. “Can’t have everything. Your turn.”

“Who said I was playing?”

This time, he smiles. “Being a granddad,” he continues. “Not the whole age thing, cause you know I don’t look a day past thirty, but cause Alexis’ll be the strict, unrelenting mother, and I’d get to be the irresponsible adult and spoil my grandkids rotten.”

“You should practise being responsible first, just to establish a point to comparison.”

He nudges her with his elbow. The movement stirs the air between them, making them shiver. She shifts closer, and when she says nothing further, Rick makes no acknowledgment of their arms pressed against each other’s.

Instead, he says, “Find out what happens to Nikki Heat. Give her a triumphant send-off, à la Derrick Storm.”

“Already considering the ways to write me off?” Her amusement is clear, but Rick hears the fear, the slight quiver caused by trembling lips.

Despite the chill snaking through his veins, he’s had enough practice to keeps his own tone light. “Just wanna make sure she’s remembered, create more headlines than Derrick Storm.”

She hesitates. “You’ll be remembered.” Her voice is soft, almost intimate. “It doesn’t matter how you go out—you’ve already made it, and people are going to care either way.”

“You, too.” He speaks just as tenderly, and feels her move even closer. This time, he puts an arm around her, giving her what he can. “C’mon, I’m just a crime writer—you’re a crime-righter! You’ve actually made a real difference in the world.”

The silence is a tad disconcerting.

“That’s righter, r-i-g-h-t-e-r. Righting crimes, putting things right. You being NYPD and all.”

Rick can feel her rolling her eyes, but he appreciates her lack of comment.

“Besides,” he continues, dropping his voice again, “you’ve done more for this city than any of us. You’re truly extraordinary.”

She leans into him, and they remain like that for a while, taking comfort in the other’s company.

When Beckett speaks again, she’s tentative, uncertain. “Alexis...”

“She’ll be fine. She’s strong, my Alexis. And I’ve made sure, in case...” He tells himself the small break in his words is from the cold. “In case something happens to me, that she’ll want for nothing in her life.”

Beckett nods, her understanding an unexpected relief. “I have so many regrets, I don’t think I have enough breath left to list them all.”

“Just the top three, then.”

She considers for a moment. “Finding absolution from my mother’s murder. Pushing the NYC homicide rate outside the Top 10.”

“And the third?” he prompts, when she pauses.

“Gee Castle, you never know when to stop, do you?”

There’s something in her voice and the tension of her body that makes Rick choose his next words carefully.

“That depends on whether you want me to stop.” He feels her sharp intake of air, the sound stirring a heat he’d thought was long gone. “Do you?”

“No,” she breathes, and her hands and lips are suddenly on him, cool, but out of control. He returns her kisses with fervour, pulling her onto his lap, tilting her head until their tongues mingle, eliciting delighted gasps as they discover the hidden pockets of heat. It’s like the last time, the only other time where it had also been about life or death—but this is different, more desperate, more calculated. She kisses him like she’s just found her reason for being.

Rick breaks away at the thought, but she’s undeterred, and her hands find the other source of his warmth, drawing a groan from his lips.

“Beckett,” he rasps, “what are you doing?”

She answers by undoing his fly and grasping him with cold fingers. He hisses in surprise, but it turns into a moan when she curls around him and slides along his length.

“Beckett...” He loses his train of thought when she suddenly dips down and takes him in her mouth, the unexpected heat sending his nerves on fire. “God, Beckett!”

She gives him a look that scorches him and withdraws. Rick swears silently, but she’s grabbed him by the collar and pulls him down until her back’s flush against the frozen floor, her mouth on his again.

She’s undoing her own jeans when Rick’s comprehension catches up with his cock.

“Are you sure—?”

“Castle, shut up and fuck me.”

He stares at her for a moment, the situation so bizarre Rick doubts it’s real. But the cold starting to soften his hard-on would not be part of any fantasy, nor would the unshed tears in Beckett’s eyes. They are both going to die, the first casualties of this meaningless war, but before that, they are still here, pressed together for nothing beyond the primal need to survive, to feel, to make these last few moments count.

The realisation sinks, a warm thought that uncurls slowly and makes him slightly dizzy. Spurred by the heady combination of fear and lust, Rick covers her body again, this time taking command of their kiss. She writhes beneath him, and Rick doesn’t hesitate this time when his hands snake down past her waist. His fingers are slow and clumsy, and she helps him, her own considerably warmer from her gloves. Rick slips off his coat, and when she lies back down, jeans bunched around one ankle, her bare ass meets soft wool instead of ice. She smiles at him, and he reaches down to touch her cunt, hot and wet, but stops at her sudden flinch.


“Castle, if you don’t start fucking me now, I’m going to freeze your balls off.”

Rick obeys, knowing her threat’s not entirely empty. He shifts and his cock’s at her entrance, and they both let out a half-sigh, half-moan, as he finally sinks into her. The sudden heat of their joined bodies is expected but unprecedented, and Rick’s choked by sensation.

They settle into a rhythm, her legs wrapped around his, heels digging into his hips. Her expression is unreadable, eyes half-closed, lashes glittering with dusted ice. Her mouth is parted, and with each stroke, she lets out a puff of air that lingers in the air between them. Rick catches those lips, and he’s warm, and complete.

He knows he can’t hold on for much longer, and grabs her legs, hoisting them onto his shoulders. His knees are burning from the cold that has penetrated the thick layers of his coat and trousers, but his auxiliary limbs seem so immaterial now. He drives into her with more force than before, and her cries rise an octave. He continues his unrelenting pace, knowing that this is their first and last, and wanting to make her come, needing to make her come.

“Touch me,” she manages between moans, eyes wild and desperate. He’s unsure, remembering her earlier reaction to his cold fingers, but she arches into him. “Castle, please.”

Rick complies, slipping a hand between them and finding her clit with his thumb. She gasps, urging him on, and he can’t help but smirk that she likes the cold. He increases the pressure at the same time he pumps into her with abandon, and then she’s screaming her orgasm, spasming around him until he follows her, the pleasure almost blinding him.

He collapses atop her, knowing that in crushing her, he’s also shielding her from the cold. He finds her hand, lacing fingers that are already turning numb. His body burns with ice and fire, so intense and inseparable that he doesn’t know where one ends and the other begins. She sighs, then shivers, murmuring his name as her legs slide from his waist. This is as real as they’re going to get.

In a few minutes, they will untangle and dress and return to how they’ve always been, before nature makes its claim and they return to the earth. In a few minutes, they will part their ways and accept their fate.

She echoes his thoughts, her voice trembling, but from more than the cold. “We’re going to freeze to death like this.”

In a few minutes. He nuzzles her neck, then breathes into her ear, giving Beckett—Kate—the last of his warmth.

“But what a way to die.”
evolution of the human soulwindandthestars on March 27th, 2011 12:44 am (UTC)
Greatest 1.6K I've seen in awhile. So them. So beautiful. So freaking hot. ♥
Samantha: Castle - Alexis Happymesmerising on March 27th, 2011 03:20 am (UTC)
Ahhh, thank you so much for your comment! So glad you enjoyed it!! ♥
Mierke: Heart (Faith)mierke on March 28th, 2011 08:53 am (UTC)
Rick can pinpoint the exact moment her breathing had slipped into a quiet imitation of her usual fire, because it had sounded like defeat.
Such a haunting sentence ♥

C’mon, I’m just a crime writer—you’re a crime-righter!
Awesome! Just awesome. Also, totally Castle.

“We’re going to freeze to death like this.”

In a few minutes. He nuzzles her neck, then breathes into her ear, giving Beckett—Kate—the last of his warmth.

“But what a way to die.”

Hehe! ♥ So hot.

(So, I totally promised my girl I would not be reading fanfic today. But this is supporting my best friend right, and not reading fanfic? xD)
Samantha: Castle - Alexis Happymesmerising on April 2nd, 2011 02:44 pm (UTC)
Oh Maria, Maria, Maria...! Thank you so much for reading, and for leaving such a wonderful comment with mmm-ness and just...wheeeee! *uber super happy right now!* :D ♥

(Wahahaha, in that case, if you ever need to find other ways to 'support' me, lemme know by giving me a prompt or two, okies? XD ♥)
mariella1983: Nick & Claudiamariella1983 on April 7th, 2011 05:36 pm (UTC)
I have finally read your story and - even if I don´t know this episode
of castle yet - I understand eveything, and I really, really love it.

It feels like I was watching this episode on TV. Your description of castle
and beckett, how they react, what they say were exactly like on TV.

I am sure, I don´t have to mentioned, that the whole story was very hot, but I
say it again: Your story is very hot. I wish, we could see something like that
on Tv.

Thank your very much for this story.